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Bug Reports

I had difficulty finding this forum simply because I, like the vast majority of your potential users, are visual/conceptual thinkers.

You have a dozen hacks open at a time. The only difference in the header is text. Most of your users are simply not going to see that differentiation until it is pointed out to them.

This only one of many qualities of the human brain that you can either work with or they will cut you off at the knees.

You need a small graphic to denote everything in a specific hack.

Tom Riley


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    Key Brain Apps

    The human brain in now known to be made up of many modules (here called Brain Apps). Three Brain Apps that technical people know and love are Eureka, Buy-In, and Flow. We now know enough to design specifically for these Brain Apps.

    My project depends on these three modules in the human brain. Your entire business is hanging on the same three.

    I wrote an essay covering these some time ago:

    Brain Apps

    I thought it might help.

    Tom Riley

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    Bug Report 2

    I am stuck trying to get Bluemix to work at all. I am trying to work through the “Get Started” tutorial. I am running on a Windows 10 machine. My steps so far are:

    Tutorials for Bluemix DevOps Services
    Get started: Create, edit, and deploy an app

    Deploying your app with the Cloud Foundry command line interface
    1. Download your starter code.
    2. Extract the package to a new directory to set up your development environment.
    3. Change to your new directory.
    At this point clearly a window for command lines was supposed to open but it did not. It may have opened for a fraction of a second but then vanished.


    This looks to me like either the type of problem that a seasoned person with this software package would work quickly through or a Window 10 peculiarity, but it is a show stopper for the uninitiated.

    Writing good tutorials is really hard. For one thing, you need to consider what level of customer you are trying to attract. If you are only after seasoned customers then this puzzle type of tutorial might to. If however you wish to attract less experienced customers, then much more work is needed to Beta test these tutorials.

    (Nobody loves an uninvited Beta tester.)


    Tom Riley

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    I think what I have is a Lincoln’s Ax problem:

    I was walking through a swap meet and saw an old ax for sale at an adsorbent price. I asked about it. The old farmer told me that it was Lincoln’s ax, the one he split logs with. He admitted that the handle had been replace four times and the head twice, but it was still Lincoln’s ax and was priced coordinately. I walked on.

    Yes, I once wrote code and I even my minor record still stands, but every part of the development process has be upgraded five times since then. So now there are a hundred little got-ya’s hidden in the process.

    Tom Riley

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