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almost 7 years ago

Late Submissions, Judging & The Future

We understand that there were some issues in the final minutese of the challenge, and so we have enabled late entries to be submitted TODAY ONLY using this link:

Please also give your justification as to why you needed to submit late - the best reasons are "I submitted on time, but it failed to go through" and similar reasons. "I required extra time to polish my hack" is not a valid reason for late submission.

Regarding Judging, we are taking this week to consider all submissions and will deliver the results next week at IBM's Interconnect conference - Wednesday specifically. If you cannot be there in person for the announcement, we will obviously update this contest to provide the results and reach out to the winners.

On a separate note we were very pleased with the participation and submissions so far and we will be running more contests like these in the near future. All feedback is welcome.